Victor Von Vollengaurd III


Victor Von’ Vollenguard the third of his name is a complex man of paradoxes and contradictions. Most obviously, his girth is more then enough for both prior Victors (both of whom were not known to be men of moderation) plus enough left over to still make a healthy noble gentleman. He waddles in the truly deceptive lumber of a massive land animal, and yet he is capable of effortlessly moving his bulk with a precision, speed, and deftness that borders on superhuman. His face is almost picturesque with crystal blue eyes, a hawkish nose that stops just short of being a beak, firm jaw and sharp know, and crowned by locks of gold. The rest of his body resembles something akin to an overripe pear. Victor is more then capable of holding perfectly still for hours on end (allowing him to practically hide in plain sight) but his mind never slows down. And finally despite the uncanny, some would say suspicious, ability to wind up in the thick of things Victor always looks perfectly groomed with nay a hair out of place or a speck of dust upon his silks. Victor’s trend toward a paradoxical nature doesn’t end at his appearance, in fact it doesn’t even begin there. As the name suggests he is a “pure” blooded noble of the highest order (namely the third son of Lord Vestal Von’ Vollenguard IV, governor of (insert small but prosperous isle here.)) This pedigree manifest itself with the typical vain elitism, albeit in a slightly unusual fassion, which drives him to wear only the finest silk and carry a full silver place setting of the finest craftsmanship where ever he goes. But he is also quite landless (some would say pennyless) and in reality is little more then a traveling vagabond. He has an incorruptible and over bearing sense of honor and justice (something unusual for the political nobles of his land) and yet even when he was at home he filled his life with a gluttony of drinking, wenching, and basically slumming among the sailors and dock workers whose presence he preferred to that of his own peers. In fact some would say Victor is never sober while others say it is no longer physically possible for him to drink fast enough to get drunk. I suppose if there was one word to describe Victor it would be excess, extreme excess. Still he manages to live life on both ends of the spectrum that somehow drives him ever forward instead of straight into the arms of destruction. Knowing Victor’s history will not explain the conundrum that is Victor Von’ Vollenguard III but it might help illustrate how he wound up in his current situation. Victor wasn’t always a wander, in fact not too long ago he was a well respected (at least to his face) member of the ruling class in (insert above isle.) He is the third son of Lord Vestal Von’ Vollenguard IV behind his two brothers (Vastaut the second and Valeum the fifth.) This relatively remote place in the succession could have disturbed a lesser man but there was more then enough to go around in the Von’ Vollenguard family and Victor never noticed his misfortune. Truth be told Victor might have been better off then his brothers for while no one was in want of anything Victor was Lord Von’ Vollenguard’s unchallenged favorite. Ultimately this patriarchal attention could have been the source of his down fall. You see in the eyes of other (especially his brothers) Victor had done nothing to earn this favoritism, you see Victor didn’t make a very good noble. Pompous dances, young snobbish women, long lengthy discussions on the state of ones lands and funds, and basically the emptiness that is a nobles life didn’t agree with him. (Although it is important to not this did not stop Victor from developing fine taste, a sense of image and the pride to match his girth.) Victor much preferred to divide his time between tinkering in his observatory and wacking the guard around the courtyard with a wooden stick, oh and of course eating. Even after his discovery of the tavern (at the tender age of 9) his daily activities weren’t change nor neglected much, although somehow he found enough time to do more drinking, wenching and brawling then anything else. Of course this activity furthered disgraced him in the eyes of his brothers. When Victor was 18 and Vastaut, the elder brother, 22 a plan was hatched among his brother to get him out of their sight. Vastaut was starting to come into his hereditary power and used it to his full advantaged when we suggested to Lord Vestal that Victor do a tour of duty as a royal judge, superficially to teach Victor something of the subjects of (whatever isle.) In reality Vastaut just wanted Victor out of sight and he was hoping embarrassment in the eyes of the rest of the nobles would lead to Victor’s complete banishment. In his travels Victor did earn the wrath of those with power but not in the way his brothers imagined. It turns out that Victor despite his gluttony was a great judge, at least in the eyes of the commoner. In slightly more vain eyes he was the doom of the justice system. The first thing Victor did as a judge was implement trial by combat among the masses, a right which before was reserved for the nobles. In reality he only did this to liven up his own life, which was apparent in his next affront; namely choosing himself to be the states champion even when the defendant was nothing more then a sell-sword. This was only compounded by the fact Victor had an obsessive twitch that manifested while dueling in talking abstractly to his opponent. This combination of pure idiocy had the unexpected outcome of guilty parties confessing just to stop Victor from asking questions. This was of course bad for the defendant for although they did get was they wanted (Victor’s silence) they were also promptly run through. This spectacle and embarrassment to the noble classes was only surmounted by the fact Victor refused to be bought. Consequently true justice reigned in his court even between peasant and lord. This didn’t last long for after a year and a half of traveling the circuit the landed nobles pensioned the Von’ Vollenguard’s to summon Victor home and keep him there. Vastuat and Valeum couldn’t stand the thought of Victor returning to “their” world where he might gain enough power to be a threat, so they took matters into there own hand. The first sign of trouble was when Lord Vestal didn’t arise one morning. Over night he went from sharp and energetic to sick, infirm, and feeble. The doctors have no idea what illness could have taken him so fast and as far as Victor knows they are still trying to cure him. Then, several weeks latter, Victor was found a few days latter passed out in the back room of a tavern (a state of being that became quite common after his father took ill) covered in the blood of a still warm tavern wench not more then two feet away. He was immediately tried and imprisoned. Knowing he was not actually guilty, and suspecting the true order of events that landed him in this cell, Victor escaped and sought his revenge. He finally found the objects of his rage but they were in Lord Vestal’s bed chamber. It would have been truly easy to exact his pound of flesh but he could not go through it with his fathers bland and unseeing eyes looking on. So turning in disgust he fled and hasn’t looked back, of course he has been too busy looking at the bottom of an ale mug.


Victors life goals have been reduced to two fold, find someone to warm his bed and find the bottom of the next bottle of wine or mug of ale.

Victor Von Vollengaurd III

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