Casey Pebblechuck


Casey lived with his real family until he was 8 years old. His family was ashamed of his syndrome and often hid him from the public. He grew ashamed of his syndrome as well, and that didn’t help much. However, he was always quite smart and during his time alone he would read anything he could get his hands on. Eventually his family recognized his talent and offered him as an apprentice to a wizard named Kevarr (or whatever you chose). Kevarr took pity on Casey, and while he never expected him to be a true wizard, he did accept him as an apprentice. Kevarr took Casey into his tower and tasked him with odd jobs, cleaning, procuring supplies and whatnot. He actually taught him a few spells, but Casey’s syndrome made it impossible to actually cast any of them. Casey persisted, though, always with the hope that he would get better.

One night, Casey was in his room at the top of the tower when he heard a crash from downstairs. He then heard some screaming, some smashing, and some explosions. Although he wanted to see what was happening, he was too scared and climbed out the window. He scaled the side of the tower and ran into the night. From afar, he looked back and saw shadowy figures around the tower. He assumed that Kevarr must have angered some faction or other and they had caught up with him. Feeling helpless and alone, he ran away and wound up in the city.

Since then, he has survived on his nimble fingers as a lowly thief. He makes just enough to get by and not draw too much attention. However, he did save enough to buy a spellbook and some scrolls. He was able to copy some simple cantrips into his book, but his master never taught him any more than that so he cannot understand how to copy the more complicated spells. He had hoped to better himself as a wizard, but his syndrome still hampers his progress. After living as a thief for a few (weeks/months/years, whatever works best for your story) he realized that if he continued, he would never get any better as a wizard. So, he decided to take this job investigating the disease as a way of hopefully kick-starting his life and getting back into the wizardly game. His ultimate hope was to become powerful enough to find out what happened to Kevarr and hopefully take revenge. If possible, he would like to recover Kevarr’s remains and have him raised or resurrected. However, this assumes that Kevarr is dead, and Casey was never able to ascertain this for certain.

As for next time, I think our plan is to head to Kevarr’s tower and try to see what is up. I was hoping to sneak inside and scout around before bringing the rest of the party inside. If there are any secret entrances that Casey knew about, then he will probably use those. Otherwise, I was planning on scaling the side of the tower and trying to peek in the windows.

Casey Pebblechuck

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