Auntre Nailo


The City of Aldarion

Aldarion is located on the river Nénharma which is the largest river that crosses through the Isle of Huor. The city is best known for its impressive marble architecture, especially the bridge of Ar-Feiniel which rises high over the river Nénharma allowing the Elves to utilize both river banks without trouble during both seasons. Other then the marble architecture the next most apparent aspect of Aldarion is their unquestioned devotion to their deity Corellon Larethian. Unlike most Elven societies where it’s possible to find a mixture of religions and beliefs, Aldarion only houses one, and it affects every aspect of the residents lives.

Aldarion is ruled by a gerontocracy, similar to an oligarchy but the older in age a leader is the more power he holds, of eight elder males. This group called, The Council, rules over all political, social, economic, and relgious aspects of the city. When a member can no longer continue to fullfill his duities the eldest member in The Council selectes a replacement for him from the Fourth Circle. The Fourth Circle is the second most powerful group in Aldarion. It is made up of the heads of the individual temples and the leaders of various organizations such as the libraries, schools, military, etc. Following the Fourth Circle is the Third Circle which is made of those who have high ranking positions in the organizations and temples. The Fourth and Third Circles follow the same system as The Council where the eldest chooses the next replacement from the lower circle. The Secon d Circle is made up of the family of the members of the higher circles, through birth or marrage, and they are they only ones who have a chance at moving up into a higher circle. Members of the First Circle are the commoners of Aldarion, which makes up 95% of the population of Aldarion. This culture sounds very strange and unbalanced to the few outsiders who hear about it, yet ask any commoner in the First Circle, and he/she is perfectly happy with his/her life. No one questions the way the system works, and no one ever thinks about having it a different way. There is no police force, there are no courts, and there is no need for it. There has never been conflict within the city because the residents trust the system, they believe in it, and they follow it in every aspect of their lives, from birth to death they are loyal to The Council and to Corellon Larethian.

Aldarion has almost zero contact with outsiders, other then the diplomats who deal with paying the Suntaro Empire their taxes. The military’s main objective is to keep back the animals, intelligent plants, and spirits of Lamalas, the forest that surrounds Aldarion, who are constantly attacking the suburbs of the city, which consists of farms that are the main supply of food for the city. (some food does come from fishing on the river, but it is very minimal, mainly the fish from the river is used for religious ceremonies) Hardly any travelers pass through the Lamalas, not only because Aldarion is not open to outsiders, but even more so due to the fact that the forest takes a highly skilled adventurer to pass through it alive.

The Tale of Auntre Nailo

Círdan son of Rúmil Nailo of the Fourth Circle grew up in the Elven city of Aldaríon. His father Rúmil is the head of the Temple of Corellon Larethian that lies nearest to Lamalas. The temple’s main members were all of the farmers who worked the land and raised livestock. Círdan loved to spend time with the animals kept on the farms, and to play in the outskirts of Lamalas, commonly called the Brimbors, safe during the day, yet treacherous after dusk, due to the constant threat of the forest creatures and spirits. Being in the Second Circle and being the son of a leader of a temple, Círdan’s future was already laid out in front of him. He was to study under the guidance of his father and then become a cleric of Corellon Larethian when the time was appropriate. Yet this did not interest Círdan, he would time outside in nature taking in the beauty of the environment, rather then stud y the ways of a cleric. Círdan also had strange thoughts in his head, he did not understand why everyone worshiped Corellon Larethian so devoutly, and why The Council and upper circles controlled the entire society. When he would ask his friends about these thoughts, they would laugh at him and give him puzzled looks as they could not even comprehend the ideas that Círdan had. As time passed Rúmil heard of his sons thoughts, and also sensed that he was not happy where he was. Rúmil didn’t know what to do, he has never heard of something like this before, someone not following the path, it didn’t make any sense to Rúmil. Rúmil tried to reason with Círdan, and explain to him the way things work, but it seemed the harder Rúmil tried, the more distant that Círdan became. Círdan then began to sneak into the barns and paddocks at night and release the animals from the stalls and cages. He also brought plants from the Brimbors are grew them in hi s room at home.

Rúmil in complete disarray went to seek advice from The Council. When he explained what was happening with Círdan, the eldest of The Council asked to speak with Rúmil in private. He told Rúmil that there was a serious problem and that he must bring his son to The Council immediately and expect not to see his son again afterwards.

Rúmil returned to his home in the suburbs of Aldaríon filled with strange thoughts and even more questions then what he started with. Círdan’s mother Laurë listened to what Rúmil told her about The Council’s decision on Círdan. Without question, she completely agreed with what The Council said, and suggested they could bring him to The Council tomorrow after lunch. Unknown to Laurë and Rúmil, Círdan was eavesdropping on their conversation. Círdan was shocked by the news, he couldn’t believe that he had to move away from the forest and the animals.

That night Círdan carefully took all the plants from his room and placed them in a garden outside, then he took a few rations and a skin of water and then left. He didn’t know where he was going but he knew he couldn’t stay in Aldaríon any longer. He kept running till he reached the Brimbors. They were a strange sight at night, all light seemed to be sucked into the forest, he heard strange sounds, and it felt like he was surrounded by others, yet he saw no one. Círdan took one last look at Aldaríon then turned his head and ventured into the forest. At first a steady walk, then turned into a run, and then a sprint, as he ran deeper into the forest he felt his clothing being torn off by the tree branches, he felt his rations fall to the ground, and the water skin leave him.

Círdan awoke, he wasn’t sure if it was the next day, or if even a week has passed, he didn’t know what the last thing he ate was, he couldn’t even recall his own name. He looked up, the sun was standing directly above him shining down its bright rays. He was standing in a small clearing, with a ring of rocks surrounding the edge. Turning down from the sun he looked directly a tree in front of him, the tree seemed to shift and move, and then he realized there was some sort of figure standing in front of the tree although he blended in with the tree in everyway. The creature uttered something, Círdan took a step closer so he could hear better, the creature uttered again, “Auntre”.

As weeks, months, years passed by Auntre followed the tree creature, known to him now as Malwong, a creature of the forest. Auntre learned the ways of nature, and slowly forgot the ways of civilized life, his family, and Corellon Larethian. One day Malwong informed Auntre that his time in the forest of Lamalas is now over, and that he must travel to other lands to set free and spread the only true entity in his life, nature.

Auntre Nailo

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